1. Yearly fees are calculated on the number of classes in the dance year and are due upon registration. Fees may be paid in equal monthly payments made by post-dated cheques payable to “Arabesque Dance Studio” on the 1st of each month, in two payments for September 1st and February 1st or one payment. There is an annual registration fee of $30 to be paid at the time of registration. There is no refund for missed classes due to student illness, vacations, holidays or other activities students are involved in. All fees include applicable taxes. There is a $30 fee for returned cheques. More information about fees, payments and discounts can be found on the annual fee schedule page.
  2. If a student wishes to discontinue classes, a minimum of two week notice prior to the 1st of the month is required. All cheques will be returned to the student upon termination of classes, except if notice is given past the 1st of the month, fees for that month will not be returned. There are no refunds after March 1st, 2022.
  3. Students will require a costume to take part in the annual recital and other performances. A deposit toward the recital costume will be collected in January. Costume costs range in price according to materials and sewing costs.
  4. a) Students entering exams are responsible for exam fees (according to the level) and for fees of pianists required for rehearsals and the exam. b) Students must have the required number of classes to prepare for an exam level and are entered at the teacher’s discretion.
  5. Students are required to have proper dance equipment, wear no jewelry, and have hair put up properly. This is for their safety and for training purposes. There is no gum allowed in the studio. Cellular telephones are to be turned off in the studio.
  6. Pointe work is offered to students with required strength and alignment and a minimum of three classes per week.
  7. Students are required to be polite and respectful towards students, teachers and classes in session. This will ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity to receive quality dance instruction.
  8. Students and parents will refrain from taking photographs and videos during Arabesque Dance Studio performances and classes. All recordings or photographs of Arabesque Dance Studio performances require permission from Valerie Grant to be shared online. Photographs and videos taken by photographers hired by Arabesque Dance Studio may be used for advertising purposes.
  9. If you have any questions or concerns in regard to your child’s training, please feel welcome to speak with Valerie.