Since this has been such a very different year than any of us had imagined, we have had to adjust and do things a little differently at Arabesque Dance Studio. I had been feeling that all of the children in our dance classes would really like to have something special to look forward to, and since dance is a performing art, we have created little dances and ordered costumes for a recital. The recital will be filmed, one class at a time, in a safe “theatre” setting. Though family and friends cannot go into the theatre to watch this year, they will be able to purchase the full Recital. As well, plans are being made to have our traditional “picture day” with a photographer coming to the studio to photograph students in their costumes, with their class and individually. 

Costumes: Costumes have been arriving and students will be trying them on in their classes this week. An invoice will be sent for any remaining costume costs. When costumes are paid for, students may bring a clothing bag and hanger and take their costumes home before picture day and filming. Students are not to wear costumes at home until all filming and photographing are finished. We want everyone to be able to perform in their new, clean costumes. Students will not be able to perform if the costume is damaged. Also, we have been thinking that perhaps in the fall we can bring out costumes and perform the dances for some seniors, as we have done for the past eighteen (or so) years!

Picture Day- Sunday, June 6th: Many of you will be happy to hear that Jun Cha of “Hann’s Photo & Video” will be returning to take our photographs this year. Pictures will be taken at our studio, in the church hall, on Sunday, June 6th. I will send out the schedule for this soon. Each class group and individual pictures should take approximately 10 minutes to complete. We will hand out the picture order envelopes in advance so that they can be prepared to give to the photographer before the pictures are taken.

Filming the Recital-Sunday, June 13th: The recital will be filmed Sunday, June 13th at the Dance Victoria Studios on Quadra St. at Hillside Ave. There is a special theatre studio that we have booked, with a lighting technician and videographer. Each class will have 15-20 minutes of filming time between 1:00 and 4:00 pm. The schedule will be sent out soon with the details of times, drop-off and pick-up locations and protocols for each group.

Summer Dance: This summer we will be having two summer dance weeks, July 5th-9th and August 23rd-27th. Students may pick up a registration form at the studio to register or parents may want to register students on our website Information for the August dance week is coming soon. We are looking forward to the summer classes and hope you and your friends will be joining us!

Fall Registration: The Fall class schedule has not yet been completed but is expected be similar to this year. If you are interested in returning in the fall, you can register either on the website or in the studio. 

If you have any questions, please feel welcome to speak with Valerie at 250-595-3107 or email