Holidays and Schedule changes:

Classes will not be in session for only one week during the Spring Break starting Monday, March 18th. Classes will begin again Monday, April 1st (Easter Monday) with a possible schedule change

Website Calendar, Notices and Latest News –

Notices, current updates, schedule changes and upcoming everts are posted on our website. Important events and holidays taking place throughout the year may be found on the Calendar Page of our website. There is also a link to our Arabesque Facebook and Instagram Page where there are new postings throughout the year.

Dressing for Dance

It is important for safety and training purposes that students wear proper ballet shoes, have hair pulled back neatly in a bun and wear no jewellery.  Students should have a dance bag to keep all dance equipment and hair supplies together. Please put your name in your dance shoes. Please have cell phones silenced or turned off during classes.


Please contact the studio if your child will be missing classes. Some classes can be “made-up” in another class within a month of the missed class. Check with Valerie regarding possible “make-up “classes.


Costumes are now being organized for our Year End Performances. There is a costume deposit required for each dance your child is performing in. Gr. 2 class (Sat.10 am) costume deposit is $70 per costume and all other deposits are $80 per costume. The costume deposits are due by March 15th.

Studio Health ProtocolsWe are continuing to be careful throughout the winter cold and flu season and while Covid remains a risk to many vulnerable people. Please feel welcome to wear a mask in classes, and if you are not well, please do not come to the studio. 


Each year we have a photographer come to the hall in early May to take class and individual pictures of students in their Recital costumes. We are hoping to arrange this again and the date and schedule will be available shortly.

Studio Dress Rehearsal

We are planning our first dress rehearsal to take place in the Knox Church studio, Thursday June 13th 4:30-6:00 pm. This will give our students a chance to perform for one another, see all of the dances and costumes, as well as rehearse in costume for upcoming performances. 

Performances 2024:

We are planning at least one performance at a Seniors’ residence in May or early June. Our year-end Recital and Dress Rehearsal will take place at Glenlyon Norfolk School Theatre, 800 Richmond St. on Wednesday, June 19th.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel welcome to speak with Valerie at 250-595-3107 or email